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< Founding Spirit >

One by One Each person and each thing, grateful for every encounter.
One by One Each person and each thing, valuing style and flair.
One by One Each person and each thing, bringing out individual charm.
One by One Each person and each thing, believing in potential.

< One by One Philosophy >

We practice the spirit of “thankfulness,
symbiosis and altruism” and the heart of “friendly face,
kind words and praise”,in everyday’ work and life,
and realize the happiness of both physically and spiritually of
all our employees, and contribute to the advancement and
development of humanity and society.

< One by One Definition >

Realization of the space beauty.

Our wish is to be
an Only One existence in the world

There are some things that seem likely to exist,
but don’t. There are some things that seem easy to make, but aren’t.
Our mission is to produce those kinds of products-products
that didn’t exist before. Perhaps these attempts will begin small,
but if we value each point of process, the possibilities are endless.
In other words, One by One = ∞(Infinity). Our company name
means infinite possibilities. When producing a new product,
we put importance on the phrase, “Simple is Best.”
We believe that true usability and beauty is created
by eliminating useless ideas and shapes.

We sincerely hope that our customers expect us,
and only us, to create these useful and beautiful things.

All of our products begin with a person,
and take shape through many encounters

Sometimes confessing to others can take you one step
closer to your ideal. Sometimes ex- changing ideas with others
can create some- thing completely new. When we meet with
problems in our production process, we believe the one thing
that can exceed it is people. That’s because the hints
to success come from meeting and conversing with others.
Perhaps there is a limit to what one person can do, but
if everyone brings his or her talent and ideas together,
what was once only an ideal can become reality.

Not all encounters last forever. That’s why we try to put
importance into every moment by accepting each other.
Through acceptance alone can each person’s individuality
begin, harmonize and grow.

Our aim is to make “real” products

There is always something attractive about genuine things.
This includes the first strong impact, but also the lasting
impression. Our mission is to make such “real” products.
There is an important point when making a “genuine”
product: the creator must also be a genuine person.
The creator’s mind and character go into a product,
so if we wish to make genuine things, we must also be genuine.
This can be difficult, but we strive to better ourselves
with our slogan, “Don’t think that you want to be,
think that you can be. ”The birth of a genuine product is
not the end, but a beginning. A genuine product will draw
genuine people to itself, and this will create new value and
connections. It can change our perception and pull
us up to a higher level.

For this reason, a “real” product not only provides value to
the customer, but also to the creator.
And this is why we will always aim high.

We take pride in
our technical skill

In this industrial city of Higashi-Osaka,
there are many small but excellent companies
that became world class through their own
technology and originality. We have followed in
their steps by always improving
our technology and listening to our customers’ needs.
We will continue our efforts in order to further
contribute to our customers and provide
high quality items. It is also important not to limit
ourselves to only one area of specialty.
If we come across a chance to use
our experience and ideas,
we will take it, even if it is in a completely different
area from what we previously did.
We believe this is proof of
a real technician group.

Out of philosophy and sensitivity,
we make individuality

There are things that have a simple structure and
no decoration, but are attractive nonetheless.
The source of this appeal comes from originality
based on philosophy. For originality, sensitivity is
also very important. Sensitivity, developed through
various influences, has infinite possibilities.
How can we express this sensitivity in our products?
This is our biggest task,
critical in order for our products to embody individuality.

We want to leave
an impression in people’s mind

A product can be so easy to use that it naturally
makes the user smile. A proposal can be
so inno- vative that it is beyond anyone’s expectations.
We want to leave an impression in people’s minds,
through our products and production process.
Even if it is for a fleeting moment, or for only
a handful of people, it would give us great joy
if our products can give a lasting impression.
This is why we try to exceed our customers’ expectations.
Only a pure heart can cause an impression.
It won’t come from thinking in terms of “profit and loss.
” When one takes an idea and purely digs deep,
it will jump start the imagination, and this is
what ultimately leads to a lasting impression.

A good impression will not end there, because the person
affected will return it in some way, and this can generate
new connections. We hope to make such
collaborations with more people in the future.

Every day brings a new challenge

Finishing the production of something that was
very difficult gives us great joy.
It means we have created something that didn’t exist before,
and we have given the world something new.
A challenge can give and teach a person many
things-things of great value. We think that
the challenge itself can be more important than
whether it is successful or not. Our current challenge is
to expand overseas. Function and design is something
that needs no translation. Perhaps the languages are different,
but we believe the potential is limitless if we pursue our
mission to make genuine products.

Challenge is not a spectacular thing,
but part of the process of growth and success,
so the more the better.
We will always continue to challenge ourselves.